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The areas of nanoscience and nanotechnology have demonstrated to have a tremendous impact in areas as health, the environment, energy, transportation, and information technology.

This program area establishes a new research and innovation agendas, involving complex materials engineering and science focused on an integrative approach to nanoscience, over diversified applications. Further research will focus on the discovery and development of innovative nano materials, with a range of unique properties suitable for applications in space applications, sensing, the internet of things, information technology and energy harvesting and storage, with the engagement of the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) and other research organizations in Portugal, as well as the various related initiatives at UT Austin, including the NSF Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) for Dynamics and Control of Materials (CDCM).

Area Directors

Carla Silva
Area Director in Portugal



Paulo Ferreira
Area Director in Portugal



Brian Korgel
Area Director in

Research Projects

Nanostructured transition Metal Phosphides for Electrochemical Energy Storage
Lifeng Liu (INL) and Guihua Yu 
(UT Austin)

Drug delivery nanosysteM for HPV infection therapy Nanotechnologies
Carla Cruz (UBI) and Andrew Ellington 
(UT Austin)

Large scale blue energy harvesting using hybrid triboelectric/photovoltaic systems for the long term deployment of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
João Ventura 
(FCUP/UP) and Edward Yu (UT Austin)

TAMs-targeted and externally controlled nanotheranostics of triple-negative-breast-cancer
Manuel Bañobre 
(INL) and Zhengrong Cui (UT Austin)

Two dimensional magnetic semiconductors
Joaquín Rossier
 (INL) and Xiaoqin Li (UT Austin)

Unconventional Thermoelectrics Based on Self-Organized Binary Nanocrystal Superlatices
Yury Kolen'ko 
(INL) and Brian Korgel (UT Austin)

From the mechanobiology of the glial scar to the management of multiple sclerosis
Ana Pêgo 
(INEB Porto) and Laura Suggs (UT Austin)

ELECTROWetting heat pipes for cooling Applications in Electric Vehicles
Ana Moita 
(IST-ID) and Vaibhav Bahadur (UT Austin)

Self lubricant coatings for high temperature applications with controlled release of the lubricious agent
Albano Carvalho 
(UC) and Yuanyue Liu (UT Austin)