Open Institute 2 - Deadline extended

Interdisciplinary research,
education and capacity building

The organizing teams at M-ITI and The Technology and Information Policy Institute at UT Austin (TIPI) invite interested Digital Media graduate students to apply to the Open Institute 2 

Deadline: 8 Nov 2017

The Open Institute V2 seeks to explore the theme “Open in a Time of Closure” with an emphasis on extreme or agonistic approaches to free/open practices. It is the sequel to the original Open Institute in Austin, in 2015 – already another era. Bringing expert analysts and practitioners from several vectors of Open, it combines hands-on workshops and activities with world-class keynotes.

The interested students can apply to attend the conference sending to Cecilia Garrec a short paragraph as to why you believe your research is a fit with this conference theme. It will be offered travel, accommodations and per diem for a limited number of students.

The theme “Open in a Time of Closure” is an important topic.

Many of the ideals for 'open' in the last two decades are facing dramatic retrogression. The open Internet is under incredible threat and is already lost in much of the world. Borders are closing in the West; the negative impacts of the closed scientific/academic publication system are becoming clearer; public speech and transparency are suffering throughout the world. Meanwhile, governments are imprisoning principled practitioners of agonistic openness like Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and Texas native Reality Winner with a vigor not shown since the enlightenment. How do the last few years’ challenge or reinforce the need for openness? What have we learned about closure?

The conference will be held from December 15th to 20th in Madeira, Portugal and the student should be available for the full conference.

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