UTEN Internships in Technology Transfer and Commercialization

Interdisciplinary research,
education and capacity building

The FCT opens a call for six individual internships specialized in Technology Transfer and Commercialization, including on-job training in Technology Transfer Offices or similar organizations.

Deadline: 29 Oct 2010

For the official announcement in Portuguese, please see: http://alfa.fct.mctes.pt/apoios/cooptrans/parcerias/uten/


The UTEN Program was launched in the context of the FCT’s International Partnerships Program in Science and Technology to develop and improve skills in technology transfer and commercialization and to facilitate the access of technology-based entrepreneurial projects to the emerging markets, mainly through the collaboration of Portugal with University of Texas at Austin, as well as Carnegie Mellon, MIT, and the Fraunhofer Institute.

Type of Support

In the scope of this call and in collaboration with the international partners of FCT referred above, UTEN will provide support for six specialized internships, in Technology Transfer Offices or similar organizations, targeted to assess the potential of technology transfer and commercialization projects and to facilitate their access to emerging markets. The period of the internships must be between three to six consecutive months and includes three phases:

Phase 1

Preliminary Contact Visit based on the Plan of Phase 1, approved by the UTEN Portugal Program, to be developed with the close cooperation with international partners. This is a short period visit (typically one to two weeks). It’s main objective is to prepare the work plan of phase 2 (Plan of Phase 2). Phase 1 may not take place if the selected applicant can prepare the plan for Phase 2 without the preliminary contact visit.

Phase 2

Individual Specialized Internship in job environment with medium-long term, for on-job advanced training in Technology Transfer Offices or similar organizations chosen with the support of international partners mentioned above, mainly to implement the Plan of Phase 2, approved by the UTEN Portugal Program. The phase 2 will last for a period of no less than 3 consecutive months and a maximum of 6 consecutive months. A minimum period of 3 months is mandatory. It may be longer if justifiably requested on application.

Phase 3

Presentation/Demonstration of Results obtained during the internship, according to the approved plans for Phase 1 and Phase 2, including an internship report, to be sent until 30 days after the ending of Phase 2, and a presentation to the UTEN Portugal Program’s direction and/or to whom it designates, at a date to be agreed between the parties.

Period of the call

The call will be open till 5h00 pm of the day October 29, 2010.


Who should apply:

  • Individuals with proven technical curriculum relevant in the area of technology transfer and commercialization;
  • Individuals with higher education, mainly at doctoral level in science and technology, which aim is to develop skills in valuation and commercialization of technology.

For both profiles it is mandatory the integration of individuals in the national scientific and technological system, including specialized offices of technology transfer, associated to the scientific and/or higher education institution, business incubators, technology-based science parks and other entities of the national scientific and technological system.

The presentation of technologies in the application will be valued.

Evaluation and decision

The evaluation of applications will be made by an international panel selected by the President of FCT. To fulfill its mission, the panel will consider the following evaluation criteria: applicant’s curriculum of activities in the areas related to technology transfer and commercialization, academic curriculum in science and technology or areas related to technology transfer and commercialization, its merit and motivation, the support of applicant’s home institution and the presentation of national technologies to commercialize.

Regulations, application form and additional information

The regulations, application form and additional information are available in http://alfa.fct.mctes.pt/apoios/cooptrans/parcerias/uten

Submission of Applications

Applications should be submitted, including all the documents, in English language, electronically to the e-mail: ricardo.araujo@fct.mctes.pt.