Research posters from the 2016 Annual Conference

Interdisciplinary research,
education and capacity building

2 Jun 2016

Download and view research posters from PhD students and other research teams.

The posters were presented at the UT Austin|Portugal Annual Conference, May 23-24, 2016.

A Window into the Past: An Immersive Interactive Experience at the St. George’s Castle
Rui Avelans Coelho, FCSH/UNL (DM)

Back to the Future of News: Looking at Locative Media Principles in the Pre-News Era
Cláudia Silva, FCSH (DM)

Blood Flow-Parameterized Textures for Rendering Facial Expressions
Teresa Vieira, U. Porto (DM)

Clue King
Vanessa Cesário, U. Porto, M-ITI (DM)

Consumers’ Evaluation of Online Health Information: A Mixed Method Study
Yan Zhang, UT Austin (DM)

Development of Scaffolds for Regenerative Medicine by Molecular Imprinting
Nicholas Peppas, UT Austin (ET)

Development of a Dual-Responsive Hydrogel Platform for Tumor-Targeted Drug Delivery
Angela Wagner, UT Austin (ET)

Development of an Hypothesis Driven Serious Game Capitalizing Music and Reminiscence Therapy
Luís Ferreira, FCT/UNL - M-ITI (DM)

Digital Storytelling for Archaeological Communication
Guida Casella, FCSH/UBL (DM)

Efficient and Scalable Subgraph Enumeration
David Aparício, U. Porto (AC)

Existence, Uniqueness and Numerical Investigation of Segregation Models
Farid Borzognia , IST (MAT)

Exploring Stresses to Develop Functional Nanoceramics by In-Situ TEM Sintering
Manuela Fernandes, U. Aveiro (ET)

Exploring Stresses to Develop Functional Nanoceramics by In-Situ TEM Sintering
Pedro L. Marques, U. Aveiro (ER)

FOTOCATGRAF: Graphene-Based Semiconductor Photocatalysis for a Safe and Sustainable Water Supply
Iwona Biernacka, REQUIMTE (ET)

Fostering Immersion and Expressiveness in Multimodal Virtual Environments Using Sonic Interaction Design
Eduardo Magalhães, FEUP (DM)

Fragments of Laura
Mara Dionísio, FCT, M-ITI (DM)

GAMILearning Project: Games for Media and Information Literacy Learning
Carla Sousa and Sara Henriques, U. Lusófuna (DM)

Helping the Visually Impaired in the Visual Creation Process
Vítor Carvalho, U. Porto (DM)

How Can Digital Media Foster Female Entrepreneurship and InnovaGon?
Jaqueline Silva, FCSH/UNL (DM)

How to Tell Stories Using Visualization: Narrative Strategies for Information Visualization
Ana Figueiras, FCSH (DM)

Image Processing Technique for Wireless Capsule Endoscope Detection
Luís Pinto , U. Coimbra (MAT)

Image Processing Techniques and Its Impact on the Computational Hemodynamics of Cerebral Aneurysms
Ana Jantarada João, IST (AC)

Indirect Selective Laser Sintering of Yttria-Stabilised Zirconia for Dental Applications
Pedro Duarte, U. Aveiro (ET)

Intelligent Polymers for Tissue Engineering Applications
Marissa Wechsler, UT Austin (ET)

Interactive Audience: Audience's Meaning-Making in the National Film Board of Canada's Interactive Documentaries
Patrícia Nogueira, U. Porto (DM)

Interactive Visualizations of Movies and Video Tours in Time and Space
Ana Jorge, FCT/UNL (DM)

Mani-Pull-Action: Hand-Based Digital Puppetry
Luís Leite (Grifu), U. Porto (DM)

m-Health Iterative Design Process: Applying the HSI Framework for Interface Analysis
Cláudia Pernencar, FCSH/UNL (DM)

Mitral Valve Interstitial Cells and Respective Mechanobiological Response to Stress
Ana Torrado , IST (AC)

Mobile Measurement and Motivation: A Feasibility Study of Smart Watches for Health
Elizabeth Glowacki, UT Austin (DM)

Multicomponent Nanoscale Systems as Metastatic Melanoma Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines
Vanessa Sainz and Liane Moura, FFUL (ET)

NooA: Narratives of our Age
Juliana Monteiro, U. Porto (DM)

Oxygen Scavenger Nanoparticles for Food Packaging
Sebastian Calderon Velasco, U. Minho (ET)

PEGylated PLA Nanoparticles for Dendritic Cell Targeting
João Conniot, Farmácia UL (ET)

Paint My Emotions: Exploring Emotions through Painting, Photography and Expressive Writing
Carla Nave Saraiva, FCT/UNL (DM)

Polymeric Nanoparticle-Based Vaccine to Target Dendritic Cells and the Tumor Microenvironment
Carina Peres, Farmácia UL (ET)

Promoting Audience Participation in Media Events Using Variable-Scale Networks of Personal Devices
Alexandre Clément, U. Porto (DM)

Recognitive Alginate Nanoparticles for Protein Therapeutics
Julia Vela Ramirez, UT Austin (ET)

Segmentation of the Biventricular Structure From Cardiac MRI Images and Model Meshing
Diana Oliveira, IST (AC)

SkILL: a Stochastic Inductive Logic Learner
Joana Côrte-Real, U. Porto (AC)

Social Media «Technicity»: What to look for in the APIs?
Janna Joceli, FCSH/UNL (DM)

The Audiovisual Content in Repositories of Higher Education: A Contribution to the Open Science
João Marçal, U. Porto (DM)

The Digital Media in the Portuguese Education: Representations and Practices
Luciano Moreira, U. Porto (DM)

um quotidiano / an everyday
Cláudio Reis, U. Porto (DM)

Usability Evaluation and Methodology Development for E-Government Portals Improvement
João Castro Pereira, FCT/UNL (DM)