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Mathematics Collaboration Between UT Austin and U.Coimbra

Professors from The University of Texas at Austin and The University of Coimbra collaborate in the mathematics section of the UT Austin | Portugal program.

15 Apr 2010
Applications open for 2010 International School on Digital Transformation

ISDT is an annual intensive program on the democratic transformation of society through digital media.  ISDT 2010 will be held July 25-30 in Porto, Portugal.

7 Apr 2010
Viagem a Portugal: contemporary Portuguese cinema from the Austin Film Society

From April 13 through May 11, 2010, the Austin Film Society will show a series of six films from Portugal.

5 Apr 2010
Cardiovascular Imaging, Modeling, and Simulation

Project SIMCARD involves large-scale computer simulations and a close connection between mathematics, scientific computing, and clinical experiments, to work on medical imaging and numerical simulations of complex bioengineering problems.

2 Apr 2010
Behind Steve Mims’ short film “Honorarium”

UT Austin filmmaker and ZON Script Development Lab instructor Steve Mims creates gripping movies with a new generation of low-cost equipment.

2 Apr 2010
Natalie Fenton on New Media, Journalism and Democracy

UPDATE: Natalie Fenton's lecture at FCSH/UNL has been postponed due to travel disruptions.

1 Apr 2010
CloudViews cloud computing conference in Porto 20-21 May, 2010

The CloudViews 2010 conference will convene IT professionals, researchers, and service providers in the cloud computing field.

1 Apr 2010
Seminar with multimedia artist Maile Colbert

Sound and video artist Maile Colbert will discuss her work on 15 April, 2010, at FCT/UNL in Monte Caparica.

1 Apr 2010
Register Now for the 2010 Online Journalism Symposium

The International Symposium on Online Journalism is scheduled for April 23 and 24 at UT Austin and will also be webcast live.

1 Apr 2010
UT Visualization Laboratory to host digital artists on Thursday, April 29

The Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), the UT Department of Art & Art History and the Austin Museum of Digital Art (AMODA) will present an evening of photography and video works by Austin artists.

1 Apr 2010
Diogo Telmo Neves – PhD Thesis: “Separation of Concerns in Advanced Computing”

Diogo's goal is to develop a new set of programming constructs that promote a stronger separation of concerns in parallel computing. He wants to hide the complexity of parallel programming from programmers and identify the concerns that can be specified as separate modules.

1 Apr 2010
Tomás Henriques wins prize in musical instrument design

CoLab researcher Tomás Henriques has won the 2010 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition for his Double Slide Controller, an electronic instrument featuring two slides inspired by the trombone.

25 Mar 2010
Call opens for postdoctoral position in computational biomathematics at CEMAT, IST

In collaboration with the UT Austin|Portugal program, a call has been announced for a postdoctoral fellowship to focus on the computational modeling of cerebral aneurysm progression. The application deadline is April 30, 2010.

18 Mar 2010
Virtual Playgrounds: Holistic Technology for Children

Marta Ferraz focuses on The Emotive Brains Theory for her Ph.D. research. She is a CoLab student and creative director at Atomic Designers.

15 Mar 2010
Spring in Texas: Five UTEN Interns

Jorge Figueira, Carla Mascarenhas, Alexandra Marques, Filipe Castro, and Raquel Luísa Santos de Jesus Sá spend the spring in Texas.

15 Mar 2010
Isabel Cunha and Digital Literacy: How Fiction Precedes Facts

Isabel Cunha is on sabbatical in Austin for four months. Her research goals include, among other topics, a digital media bibliography and an analysis of the ways in which fiction products can promote digital literacy.

15 Mar 2010
Future Places at AMODA Showcase during SXSW Interactive

Three Portuguese artists presented a live remix of audio and video from the Future Places festival at a showcase during SXSW Interactive 2010 in Austin.

12 Mar 2010
CoLab and ZON launch Intensive Script Development Lab

The ZON intensive Script Development Lab at UT Austin will offer advanced training in film scriptwriting, direction and production for ten students from Portuguese universities.

12 Feb 2010
CoLab at Futurália 2010

The UT Austin|Portugal Program will be represented at the education fair Futurália, March 10-13 at FIL, in Lisbon

11 Feb 2010
New lecture series at FCSH/UNL opens with António Câmara on augmented reality

António Câmara will discuss augmented reality in the lecture “Rosa Púrpura do Cairo ao Contrário” on Wednesday, February 24, in Auditorium II of FCSH/UNL (Av. De Berna 26) at 6pm.  His talk will be the first in a new monthly lecture series at FCSH.

11 Feb 2010

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