Call for Short Papers - UD17: NOISEWISE - Multidisciplinary Doctoral Forum in Design Research

Interdisciplinary research,
education and capacity building

21 Jun 2017

The sixth Annual Doctoral Forum on Design Research will take place at the University of Porto Creative Industries Incubator (UPTEC PINC) on October 16 and 17.



UD17: NOISEWISE (“Design Research in face of current challenges to knowledge”) is a doctoral forum, open to all current PhD students as well as recent graduates. The Forum welcomes PhD students and recent graduates from all disciplines who may want to cross their ongoing research in the field of Design – both contributing to it, and/or benefiting from it.

Non-PhD researchers and potential PhD applicants are welcome to submit abstracts to be presented at a round table that will be held for this purpose.

aims at fostering the advancement of Design Research from a doctoral perspective: we believe PhD students hold a unique foresight to future developments of the discipline. Additionally, the consolidation of Design Research through doctoral studies will ensure a national and international network beyond individual contexts.

UD17 is organized by the PhD International Doctoral Program in Design of the University of Porto and the University of Aveiro; in partnership with ID+ Research Institute for Design, Media and Culture; FCT Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia; UPTEC Science and Technology Park of University of Porto and IPCA Escola Superior de Design.

UD17 is the sixth edition of the UD conference series, held by ID+/UP/UA since 2012.

UD17 will be followed by FUTUREPLACES on October 18-22, 2017.


UD17 – Doctoral Forum on Design Research
Dates: October 16 and 17, 2017
Creative Industries Center
Praça Coronel Pacheco, 2
4050-453 Porto, Portugal



The UD17 Organizing Committee calls for the submission of original contributions in the form of a short paper. The call is open to all PhD Students and recent graduates whose projects may benefit from, or be a benefit to, the discipline of Design and/or Design Research.

The Call for short papers is open until July 2. Conference languages are English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Application and Participation are free of charge.

For more information please visit



Design Research from the perspective of…
Design Research contributing to…
Product development / Applied Technologies / Material Heritage / Conservation / Devices / Health Sciences /Engineering / Industry / +

Design Research from the perspective of…
Design Research contributing to…
Semiotics / Social Media / Visual Analysis / Aesthetics / Branding & Communication / Manifestos / Audiovisual / Industry / +

Design Research from the perspective of…
Design Research contributing to…
Definitions / Territories / Business / Policies / Politics / Tourism / Citizenship / Internet / Multidisciplinarity / +


Design Research from the perspective of…
Design Research contributing to…
Doctoral Research / Thesis Writing / Research Methodologies / Challenges & Difficulties /New Approaches and Frameworks to Research / +



Heitor Alvelos, Chair
Susana Barreto, Co-chair
Rafael Arnoni
Joaquín Díaz
Miguel Januário
César Lugo-Elías
Rui Monteiro
Marta Nestor
Ana Clara Roberti
Fátima São Simão
Helena Sofia Silva
Isobel Taylor



# Deadline for submissions: 2 July 2017
# Scientific Committee feedback: 24 July 2017
# Revised paper submission: 10 September 2017
# Registration deadline (FREE): 1 October 2017
# Conferences dates: 16-17 October 2017



CONTACT INFORMATION: All questions about submissions should be emailed to: