Digital Media Doctoral Symposium

Interdisciplinary research,
education and capacity building

23 Oct 2017

The Futureplaces kick-off event gathered more than 60 students, alumni, and faculty to discuss the ongoing doctoral projects

Digital Media students and graduates from U. Porto and UNL presented their research projects at the Digital Media Doctoral Symposium, Porto, on October 17th and 18th. Included in the FUTUREPLACES festival program, the DM Doctoral Symposium gives all students the chance to present their work to an audience of their peers and faculty and exchange ideas, concerns, and thoughts.

The event started with welcome remarks by Cecilia Garrec, Heitor Alvelos and Nuno Correia followed by an opening keynote from Doreen Lorenzo speaking about Design Thinking and how this methodology is strategic to a multidisciplinary world (read more here – Lorenzo’s Seminar in Lisbon). 

The themes diversity was present at the students’ four sessions. In a two-day event, 13 students presented their works gathered throughout the topics innovation and interaction; literacy and empowerment; and social media and performance. The program included on DM alumni, Vânia Gonçalves, from U.Porto.

Within the Symposium, the participants were also invited to attend a reception and a concert by Kaminhus di Férru.

Digital Media Doctoral Symposium Presentations:

  • Carla Nave: “Self-monitoring of emotional states: exploring the use of creative expression techniques to improve engagement”
  • Cláudio Reis: “Instagram Photography: Toward an aesthetic framework for profiling and categorization of social media photography”
  • Dorneles Neves: “Participatory video, Storytelling, and Media Literacy: Empowering female teenagers in the U.S.A, Portugal, and Brazil”
  • Greicy Ks: “Digitized Trust in The Today’s Networked Society”
  • Ilo Aguiar Reginaldo Alexandre: “Comparing and evaluating Data-driven Journalism: how the audience interacts with data visualization”
  • Ioli Campos: “Improving News Literacy among Children from 7 to 9 years old: A Gaming Experiment”
  • Jaqueline Silva: “How Can Digital Media & Technology foster Female Entrepreneurship and Innovation?”
  • Luís Aly: “Performative Sound Design”
  • Madalena Miranda: “Protest Images, collective portraits”
  • Michelle Kasprzak: “Sociotechnical Imaginaries and Artistic Resistance”
  • Paula Neves: Earth as Interface: “Exploring multisensory interaction design for environmental health”
  • Sara Tranquada: “Confronting the Numbers of Women in Technical Fields Making the Digital Gap Visible and Debatable”
  • Terhi Marttila: “Migration is my right, borders an unnecessary obstacle: developing persuasive text-based interactive art”

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