First phase of applications open at FCT-UNL for the PhD course in Digital Media

Interdisciplinary research,
education and capacity building

15 May 2017

This is a joint program between the University of Porto and The New University of Lisbon, with the support of the University of Texas at Austin, aiming at specialized training in digital media.

Number of Vacancies at FCT-UNL: 8


The FCT-UNL is accepting applications for the PhD Course in Digital Media for the academic year of 2017/2018 with 8 open positions. The first phase of applications is running from April 7 to June 23.

Tuition Fees:
National Students: 2.750€
International Students: 2.750€

In order to enter the doctoral program, the candidate must meet with the conditions established in the national legislation, the specific regulations applicable and, in particular, respect at least one of the alternatives expressed in the following points:

1. Have a Master's Degree or a 2nd cycle of engineering studies in technological and scientific areas related to digital media, information and communication sciences or design;
2. Have a Higher Education degree, obtained in a national or foreign institution, recognized as appropriate by the scientific committee of the program and hold a particularly relevant academic or scientific curriculum that is recognized as attesting capacity for the accomplishment of this cycle of studies by the scientific council;
3. Have a professional or scientific curriculum recognized by the scientific committee as relevant and appropriate.

Serialization Criteria:
The selection of the candidates is the responsibility of the Scientific Committee of the PhD in Digital Media and will be made through the assessment of the documentation submitted by the candidates. The potential eligible candidates may be called for an interview.



The recent development of new applications in the area of digital media such as videogames, interactive content on the Web, interactive TV, video-on-demand, new educational software with high impact among the young generations and, more recently, the appearance of information, marketing and leisure content in mobile devices, demonstrate how important is the research on these new types of content and their close relationship with the technologies and their application. It is now very clear that universities must contribute through the creation of professionals in these areas at all levels, including the doctoral level. The final aim of the program is to train researchers, university teachers and innovation leaders in fundamental and applied areas associated with Digital Media.

Typical duration of the program is 4 years full time (240 ECTS), including one year of courses and the three following years of research. The course is organized in the following specializations: (1) Audiovisual and Interactive Content Creation, (2) Technology, (3) Industry, Public and Markets.

Students registered in this program can apply to a Dual Degree at UT Austin and have access to an exploratory visit to UT Austin for selecting researchers to collaborate in the development of their doctoral thesis or to enrol specific courses.

The PhD Program aims to train researchers, university professors and leaders in innovation processes in the fundamental and applied areas of Digital Media, ensuring that the doctors are prepared for the practice of a profession, which is generally based on the capacity of:

A) Create, produce and distribute digital media, taking into account the target audience and the overall value chain associated with the field;
B) Managing teams of creative and producers;
C) To carry out a specialized professional activity, in organizations of creation, production and treatment of contents aiming at its distribution for varied effects, from mass media, education, leisure, through marketing, video games and corporate broadcasting.


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