Full PLUNC programme is now online!

Interdisciplinary research,
education and capacity building

14 Sep 2015

It is already possible to navigate through all the festival's programme in www.plunc.pt. All the information about the artists and activities, including times and locations. 

During the week the catalogue and programme will be available in pdf to download. Zach Lieberman, Alex Rothera, Benjamin Gaulon, Sally-Jane Norman and André Sier are just some of the 33 artists and guests who will be at the festival for four days of exhibitions, workshops, performances, talks, conferences and parties.

The venues that host the festival are spread on both banks of the Tagus in the axis Cais do Sodré - Cacilhas. We invite everyone to take a boat and make a journey between the banks. Cacilhas and Cais do Sodré river terminals, Ginjal Terrasse and Casa da Cerca - Contemporary Art Centre will host the exhibition On the Shores, while the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon receives Drawing ++, an exhibition curated by Zach Lieberman, among others activities. The Faculty of Science and Technology - New University of Lisbon and the Lisbon FabLab are the other festival venues.

Students in the UT Austin | Portugal program have a 25% discount on the registration fee for the workshops.