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6 Apr 2017

Next week, the University of Aveiro is the meeting point of scientists, researchers, engineers and companies that develop work in the area of Materials.





Date: April 9th to 12th
Venue: University of Aveiro Campus
Target Audience: Scientists, researchers, engineers and companies that work in the area of Materials. Students, Professors and the public in general interested in the subject.


The most recent discoveries and opinions in the field of Materials will be shared, next week, in an International Conference in order to explore the latest developments in the search for scientific solutions to the world.

MATERIALS 2017, aiming to explore the latest Progress in Materials Development and to Bring Science Solutions to the World, provides the ideal forum for scientists, developers, engineers and companies to share their latest breakthroughs, achievements and views in the field of Materials.

MATERIALS 2017, XVIII Congress of The Portuguese Society of Materials and VIII International Symposium on Materials, will take place, this year, at the beautiful city of Aveiro, Portugal.

It will cover all areas of Materials from Functional Materials, Structural Materials and Processing Technologies to Characterization and Modelling.

The congresses of the Portuguese Society of Materials (MATERIALS) take place every two years, since 1983, and are filled with plenary lectures by national and foreign experts. The first SPM (Portuguese Society of Materials) meeting (MATERIALS 1983) took place at the LNEC facility, in Lisbon. MATERIALS finally returns to Aveiro, after two former editions (1995 and 2005), and follows the last meeting in Porto (MATERIALS 2015).

During the 3 days, MATERIALS 2017 will encompass schools, scientific talks, debate sessions on cutting edge technologies, and a show case event of applications based on scientific development.

In the event it will be granted, for the second time, the SPM Career and Recognition Award that aims to recognize, encourage and promote the excellency of research and development activities in the area of Materials in Portugal. 

It also will be commemorated the 40th Anniversary of the Department of Materials and Ceramics Engineering (DEMaC) of the University of Aveiro.

To know more about the event, to registration and to consult the detailed program of MATERIALS 2017 please visit the official website: