Mónica Mendes, Digital Media faculty, curates the exhibition “Interactive Nature” in Lisbon

Interdisciplinary research,
education and capacity building

15 Sep 2017

On September 7 to 14, Mónica Mendes was ahead of an installation curatorship that questions the relationship between art and digital technologies and nature as raw material

From the Greek synaísthesis, "common feeling to many”, an immersive environment proposed by Adriana Moreno, Anderson Paiva and Bruna Christófaro explore sensations and memories from various scales of nature – from grains of sand that resemble the sea, to water particles that incorporate the rainbow, and the cloud which integrates the nebula. Through the senses and metaphors, the installation “Interactive Nature” also showed a sustainability concern.

These projects have been carried out in the scope of the doctoral researchers of the artists, with multidisciplinary collaborations whose accomplishment surpasses the individual realization and in contexts as diverse as artistic residencies, workshops, and hackerspaces.

In this sense, according to Mendes, the exhibition works as another step in this process, a living laboratory that will inform later developments – from the open residence setup to observation and evaluation of the relationship of the public with the pieces.

 More information at https://cargocollective.com/sinaisthesis2017