“Play with Fire” at Algoritmos Criativos

Interdisciplinary research,
education and capacity building

6 Feb 2012

Interactive installation to be featured at the Pavilhão do Conhecimento in Lisbon, 6-26 February.

Play with Fire is an interactive installation calling its participants to ignite generative fires over live streaming video of selected forests. The experience paradoxically encourages playing with forests fires, in order to raise awareness towards its prevention.

It was developed in the scope of the UT Austin|Portugal Program by Mónica Mendes, Nuno Correia, Valentina Nisi and Pedro Ângelo with the collaboration of Filipe Cruz (mobile application) and Ricardo Webbens (sound design).

The outcome of the “play with fire” experience can take two forms: immediately, as a final visual outline displaying data on what would have been the effective destructive consequences of playing with virtual fire. At a later stage, feedback to the audience will be given through images sent to mobile devices, visualizing the slow regeneration process of the (virtual) damaged forest, stimulating awareness and ultimately care.

The Play with Fire installation will be one of twelve projects featured at Algoritmos Criativos, an exhibition at Pavilhão do Conhecimento-Ciência Viva in Lisbon, 6-26 February, 2012.

Also represented at Algoritmos Criativos will be the project Onomaphonic by UT Austin|Portugal PhD student Filipe Pais.

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