Porto Winter School on Graph Analytics and Applications

Interdisciplinary research,
education and capacity building

24 Nov 2015

The school will deliver a mix of lectures, case study presentations and hands-on session in the domain of large scale data analytics with emphasis on the analysis of graphs/networks

Date: 14-16 December, 2015
Venue: CS Department, FCUP, University of Porto
Organizers: DCC/FCUP & UT-Austin
Sponsored by: CoLab project between Portugal and the University of Texas at Austin
Website: http://graph15.dcc.fc.up.pt/

Big Data has become ubiquitous, and applications from all fields are rapidly scaling up in the size of both the available data and the underlying models. To extract insights from vast amount of data efficiently, parallel programming is essential, and several new programming models and implementations have been proposed. This school is a research training event geared precisely towards large scale data analytics and it offers a set of lectures and tutorials given by leading experts from both the academia and the private sector. With complex networks being pervasive and omnipresent in many social, biological and communication systems, there will be a focus on scalable graph algorithms and on the associated high performance software platforms. The attendees are expected to gain insight into some of the state-of-the-art solutions and to improve their vision on the associated research challenges.
The school's intended target audience are PhD students and young researchers, but we welcome anyone interested in the field.

Registration is free (and it includes access to all the sessions and to the coffee breaks), but there is a limit on the number of attendees.

Key Speakers:
- Deepak Ajwani & Alessandra Sala (Bell Labs)
- Bin Shao (Microsoft)
- Toyotaro Suzumura (IBM)
- Bruno Gonçalves (Aix-Marseille Université)
- Keshav Pingali & Donald Nguyen (University of Texas at Austin)
- Pedro Ribeiro (University of Porto)

Organizing committee: Fernando Silva, Pedro Ribeiro and Keshav Pingalli