School in Advanced Electron Microscopy, a Satellite event of Materials 2017

Interdisciplinary research,
education and capacity building

7 Jun 2017

Under de auspices of the UT Austin | Portugal International Collaboratory for Emerging Technologies, the School in Advanced Electron Microscopy took place on April 9, at the University of Aveiro, in the scope of Materials 2017 event.

The School in Advanced Electron Microscopy was designed to provide an intensive teaching and knowledge exchange on cutting-edge topics in the field of electron microscopy, in particular scanning – transmission electron microscopy, electron energy loss spectroscopy and in situ electron microscopy. This was one-day science school where the latest advances and new ideas were shared and discussed in a stress-free atmosphere.

The program included tutorials, presentations and interactive debates that were held during the day by prominent experts in the fields of advanced electron microscopy, therapeutics and technologies. There was time for informal networking and discussions on specific issues identified by delegates and a general sum up session closed the day.

Leonard Francis (INL) and Paula Vilarinho (University of Aveiro) were part of the organizing Committee.

The School in Advanced Electron Microscopy was part of the Materials 2017 event, an International Conference that was held, from April 9 to 12, at the University of Aveiro, Portugal. The event shared the latest breakthroughs, achievements and views in the field of Materials. 




Paulo Jorge Ferreira
Full Professor at the University of Texas at Austin, USA and Director of the Electron Microscopy facility at the Texas Materials Institute


Pedro M. da Costa
Assistant Professor, Material Science & Engineering, Physical Science and Engineering Division, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology



Patrícia Almeida Carvalho
Senior Scientist, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Oslo and tenured Professor of Material’s Engineering, Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon (absentee leave)



Raul Arenal
ARAID Researcher, Research Group: MAGNA; The Institute of Nanoscience of Aragon (INA)



Website of Materials 2017

Photos of the School in Advanced Electron Microscopy