TravelPlot Porto: The treasure hunt has begun!

Interdisciplinary research,
education and capacity building

9 Jul 2012

TravelPlot Porto is a fun and engaging way to visit Porto, where for the first time tourists get to experience this beautiful city while trying to locate a hidden treasure.

TravelPlot Porto
Sérgio Figueira (DouroAzul), Artur Pimenta Alves, Joãozinho, Soraia Ferreira and Melchior Moreira (Presidente do Turismo do Porto e Norte de Portugal)

This project was created by Soraia Ferreira as part of her PhD investigation in Digital Media at University of Porto. Her thesis entitled Location Based Transmedia storytelling: Enhancing the Tourism Experience is being supervised by Artur Pimenta Alves, professor at Porto University and Célia Quico, professor at Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias.

TravelPlot Porto is a new interactive project for tourists to explore Porto’s history, monuments and historical characters. It’s an unconventional tour guide with game dynamics incorporated, which uses several platforms to enhance tourists’ experiences. 

Companies across Porto have signed up to this multiplatform storytelling by offering special products that allow tourists to experience Porto’s sights, wine and gastronomical delights.

TravelPlot Porto is composed by several platforms such as an iPhone/Android app, a Website, a Map, Live Events and Social Networks (YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest). All of these platforms are free with the exception of the live events.

The objective of TravelPlot Porto is to give tourists a personalized and engaging trip to Porto by getting to know its stories. With 9 story chapters and 42 locations to choose from, tourists will find locations for their particular taste and interest. They can opt to visit the locations near them, the locations that belong to the same chapter of the story, or even check the locations according to the story’s chronologic order.

TravelPlot Porto is also a social responsibility project supporting "A Place for Joãozinho” which aims to become a reference for health for young people. The partners DouroAzul, Vinhas d’Alho and Porto com Arte, will donate 1€ of specific related purchases to TravelPlot Porto to "A Place for Joãozinho”.

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