UT Austin and Portuguese researchers at Workshop in Porto

Interdisciplinary research,
education and capacity building

15 Sep 2017

Group prepared the future plans of the program and collaborative research activity

UT Austin researchers Sharon Strover, Karin Wilkins, Keri Stephens, Luis Revilla and Cecilia Garrec met with Portuguese researchers (from UP, UNL, and MITI) to prepare the next period of collaboration. The workshop was hosted by MIL (Media Innovation Labs of UP) in Porto on July 17 and 18. This was also an opportunity to present the recently created thematic labs of the MIL and also the INOVA Media Lab and MITI.

The agenda comprised the preparation of the future plans of the program, including the collaborative research activity, the Doctoral Program in Digital media and associated events like Futureplaces, PLUNC and the Summer and Winter Institutes. The activities comprised the presentation of the competencies of each group of researchers and the preparation of the action plan for funding collaborative research.