UT Austin Portugal | Workshop | February 16, 2018

February 14, 2018

UT Austin and Portugal — Building the Future
February 16th, at UPTEC, Porto

Within the UT Austin | Portugal Program, the workshop "UT Austin and Portugal — Building the Future" will take place on February 16th, at UPTEC, Porto.

The workshop follows the ceremony for the signature of the new collaboration agreements between the Portuguese Government and the international partnerships and aims at presenting and discussing the opportunities and challenges brought by the topics of the third phase of the Program: Advanced Computing, Atlantic Interactions, Medical Physics and Nano Materials.

In a dialogue with the Program community, the workshop will address the following themes:
1. The enabling role that Advanced Computing infrastructures and services play in advancing the state of the art of a multitude of scientific areas, including Nano Materials;
2. The role of the University Technology Enterprise Network (UTEN) as a leverage to foster commercialization of Nano Materials to global markets;
3. The scientific and economic potential of Space and Earth Observation research.

A brief description of the agenda can be found here.