Students and PostDocs

The UT Austin|Portugal Program currently involves over 120 graduate students from a dozen Portuguese institutions.

Download a partial directory of students:

Roberto Ivo Vaz

U. Porto

PhD Student, Digital Media


Supervisor: António Coelho

Enrolled: 2016

Research Work: Roberto Ivo Vaz graduated in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering (2012) at Aveiro University – Portugal, and has a MSc Degree in Interactive Multimedia Communication (2014) by the same University. He participated in 1st international project I&D in Brazil and developed projects and research in the areas of human-computer interaction, tangible media, technology in museums and technological accessibility. Currently he’s a PhD Research Fellow in the UT Austin | Portugal Digital Media Doctoral Program, and is research aims to design a multi-sensory environment for a museum, in order to enhance exhibitions’ accessibility, especially for the blind and visual impaired visitors.


Angela M. Wagner

UT Austin

PhD Student, Emerging Technologies


Supervisor: Dr. Nicholas A. Peppas

Enrolled: 2014

Current Position: National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow.

Research Work: Stimuli-Responsive Nanoscale Hydrogels for the Controlled, Intracellular Drug Delivery.


Interests: Drug Delivery, Nanotechnology, Cancer, Immunology.


Marissa E. Wechsler

UT Austin

PhD student, Emerging Technologies


Advisor: Nicholas A. Peppas

Enrolled: 2015

Research Work: Development of thermoresponsive nanogels for the delivery of osteoinductive small molecules.

Interests: Tissue engineering, drug delivery, biosensing.


Camila Wohlmuth da Silva


PhD student, Digital Media


Enrolled: 2015


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