Main Area
Space-Earth Interactions


Project Name
Atmosphere - Ocean - Solid Earth Coupling: Seismic Tools to Explore and Monitor the Oceans




Susana Custódio
Principal Investigator
in Portugal



Tan Bui
Principal Investigator
in Austin

Atmosphere-ocean dynamics
Earth imaging
Geophysical tools
Uncertainty in inverse problems

The North Atlantic region plays a rather special role in the global climate, by being a preferred location for the development of major atmospheric storms, at both tropical and extra-tropical latitudes, and by its potential control of the deep ocean circulation. Atmosphere-ocean processes occurring in that region affect climate in a large domain, specially in Europe and North America, and their sensitivity to climate change is a major concern. Ocean regions, which remain largely uncharted domains even in the satellite era, represent a fundamental piece in the puzzle of global Earth dynamics.
Our limited knowledge on ocean processes is a direct consequence of observational challenges. In this one-year collaborative project, we will explore innovative seismology-based tools to observe the oceans, in parallel with state-of-the art meteorological reanalysis, bringing together knowledge from atmospheric, ocean and solid earth science.

Leading Institution
FCiências.ID - Associação para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento de Ciências (Fciências.ID)

Participating Institutions
Fundação Gaspar Frutuoso, FP (FGF)
Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera, I. P. (IPMA)

12 months