Aníbal Matos


    Areas of Interest: Marine robotics, ocean observation, control, navigation.

    Name Aníbal Matos
    Role Centre Coordinator / Assistant Professor
    Institution INESC TEC / FEUP
    Key Words / Areas of Interest Marine robotics, ocean observation, control, navigation
    Expertise Sought – Computational systems for simulation
    – Computational systems for data visualization
    – Material science and technology
    – Ocean observation



    Aníbal Matos received a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering form Porto University in 2001. He is currently coordinator of the Centre for Robotics and Autonomous Systems at INESC TEC and also an assistant professor at the Faculty of Engineering of Porto University. His main research interests are related to perception, sensing, navigation, and control of autonomous marine robots, being the author or co-author of more than 100 publications in international journals and conferences. He has participated and lead several research projects on marine robotics and its application to monitoring, inspection, search and rescue, and defense. For further information visit