Killian Lobato

    Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon 

    Areas of Interest: Solar cells, supercapacitors, laser processing, energy storage, material processing.

    Name Killian Lobato
    Role Assistant Professor, Tenured
    Institution Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon
    Skype: killian.lobato
    Key Words / Areas of Interest Solar cells, supercapacitors, laser processing, energy storage, material processing
    Expertise Sought Looking for partners with expertise in preparing and manufacturing materials and devices whereby laser processing could be included. Laser processing has the potential of obtaining material properties (morphology, crystallinity) which are not possible by conventional means or to substitute conventional slow and high thermal budget heating steps with energy efficient and fast energy delivery by laser.



    Our lab contains the expertise and is equipped with unique laser technologies which we apply for material processing.Current technologies and materials of interest are:
    – Morphology modification of carbon based super capacitor electrodes by laser processing;
    – Laser processing of metals to form oxides to for supercapacitor electrodes;
    – Laser doping of silicon for advanced multijunction tandem solar cells;
    – Laser annealing of CI(G)S, perovskite and kesterite precursor films to form thin film absorber layers.
    Also open to the laser processing of all other types of materials. Lab also contains expertise and equipment for advanced electrochemical characterization of devices, eg. supercapacitors, dye solar cells.