Carla Mendonça Tavares

Short Bio

Economist, MBA, former investment banker and venture capitalist, Carla initiated her journey in the Energy industry in 2008 where she was exposed to cleantech companies from all over the world. Her passion for innovation, willingness to learn and bring new business into the scene has never stopped since then. Working alongside with the best tech companies gives her inspiration, resiliency, and agility skills that she adopts on a daily base and helps her as a corporate innovation leader to succeed inside large energy players. Carla is 45 and mother of two. Being connected with people worldwide and exposed to different cultures, gives her motivation and creativity to carry on, and helps her to be open minded and forward thinking.

More about Carla’s Round Table

Carla Tavares will participate in the “Clean Energy – Opportunities for Portugal” Round Table along with Brian Korgel, João Maciel and Ricardo Bessa. António Vidigal will lead the discussion.