Together with research and innovation, education remains one of the core instruments of the UT Austin Portugal Program. In Phase 3, we steered away from dual degrees and focused on organizing and delivering advanced training for researchers and industry professionals. Training can take place either in Portugal or at UT Austin.

The Program’s training portfolio in this phase includes premium Masterclasses, thematic workshops, interdisciplinary training and research exchanges. Most of our training material is available for viewing on our YouTube Channel.

To learn more about our short training opportunities go to News” or browse through our Events Calendar. If you are looking for research internships at UT Austin, visit the section Research Exchanges” on this website.

Bridging nanotechnologies and biomedicine through 2D Materials The Program’s training season started right in January with the online course 2D Materials for Biomedical Applications, under the scientific coordination of Artur Pinto (LEPABE – Faculty of Engineering of the University of...

Workshop 2D Materials for Biomedical Applications

Introduction to HPC Programming Environment