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Together with research and innovation, education is one of the core activities of the UT Austin Portugal Program. The program offers a variety of educational opportunities for Portuguese students, academics and industry professionals ranging from lectures and thematic workshops to advanced training courses and research exchanges.

In the last decade, the Program has promoted several Ph.D. and Master’s Programs, Post-Doctoral Fellowships, internships, and held several lectures and advanced seminars. Moving forward, the UT Austin Portugal Program will provide a deeper involvement, with the introduction of Advanced Training Programs and Research Exchange Programs, within the program areas in topics of strategic relevance to the Program.

Where are you now?

Ana Carolina Pádua, Alina Trifan, Leonardo Azevedo and António Neves participated in the Advanced Computing Training Program (ACTP), an initiative that, 2 years ago, allowed scientists from Portugal to spend up to 4 months in one of the world’s most powerful computing...