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RTP Açores | Santa Maria Spaceport

April 6, 2022 "The tender for the construction of the Santa Maria Spaceport should only be launched at the end of the year. The Secretary of Science said...

Expresso | Portugal breaks record in patent applications. Feedzai leads national ‘ranking’

April 4, 2022 Feedzai, SWORD Health and Abyssal, UTEN's alumni, are among the top ten patent applicants in Portugal.

Jornal de negócios | Portuguese unicorn buys part of startup Bright Technologies

January 25, 2022 "Sword Health - the latest Portuguese unicorn - has purchased the software development unit of the technology solutions startup Bright Technologies, the company announced this...

International partnership with the University of Texas at Austin receives € 21.9M to fund projects with applications...

April 27, 2020. There are 11 projects led by Portuguese companies supported by the “Go Portugal - Global Science and Technology Partnerships Portugal” Program, from the Ministry of...

Cancer treatment may go through more research and clinical applications in medical physics

December 5, 2019. Close to 150 professionals - doctors, biomedical engineers, physicists, nurses, among other specialists - are expected to attend an event on December 12 and 13, in Coimbra.

The University of Minho receives conference of the UT Austin Portugal Program

September 18, 2019. The UT Austin Portugal Program organizes the 2019 Annual Conference at the University of Minho, on September 20. Professor Robert A. Peterson, the originator of the supercomputer in Portugal, will be present at the initiative.

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