Newsletter #68 – Introducing our new website

May 2019

We have developed a new digital page, capable of housing the versatility of our strategic areas and instruments, as well as the ambitious agenda for the third phase of the Program.

Celebrating over ten years of joint collaboration, the UT Austin Portugal Program is evolving and growing on new and exciting challenges and opportunities and we want that message to come across in our communication platforms.

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Newsletter #67 – Strengthening Opportunities

February 2019

As the year starts to unfold, the UT Austin Portugal Program is bringing the pieces together, setting in motion new opportunities, with an ongoing sense of collaboration between academia and industry and, a solid research agenda. In this edition, you will learn more about our recent call for Expressions of Interest, the ambitious goal of another Exploratory Research Project, our leadership’s visit to UT Austin, and some of our industrial affiliates’ activities.

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Newsletter #66 – Entering 2019 ‘with an even bigger ambition’

January 2019

‘With the start of a new year, the biggest challenge in this new phase of the UT Austin Portugal Program is to grow on past experience. When assessing the Program’s impact on research in Portugal and in the US in the last 10 years, we find that the greatest impact was on people: students, faculty, company executives, among others.’

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Newsletter #65 – Create Knowledge. Foster change.

December 2018

Celebrating ten years of joint collaboration and facing these new challenges, a new logo and motto have been developed, creating a brand-new identity capable of translating the specific strategy of the UT Austin Portugal Program.

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