Newsletter #76 - Breathe. Be curious. Explore. Discover.

The second 2021 newsletter from the UT Austin Portugal Program includes our Conference's brand new website, the second edition of Cross Talks and exclusive interviews with Brian Korgel (Area Director of Nanotechnologies at UT Austin), Mário Rui (CO-CEO and Business Developer) and João Barbosa (Research Engineer at Minho Advanced Computing Center).

Newsletter #75 - Sounds of Science

The first 2021 newsletter from the UT Austin Portugal Program includes the 2020 Annual Report, our new podcast series (Cross Talks) and exclusive interviews with Pedro Camanho (Area Director of Space-Earth Interactions in Portugal), Ricardo Mendes (CEO of Tekever) and 4 participants of the Advanced Computing Training Program initiative.

Newsletter #74 - A lesson we take with us.

2020 will definitely be a year to remember – we grew stronger, became more resilient and quicker in our feet. A new year is now approaching. And we are optimistic that the world itself will leverage on the challenges it has endured. We will certainly carry this lesson with us in the years to come.

Newsletter #73 - We are all in this together.

For many of us, 2020 is likely to become one of, if not the most, challenging and toughest years of our lives. We have had to learn to live and adapt to a reality that is closer to a sci-fi movie plot. But human nature is not used to lower its guard in the face of adversity and tends to come out stronger and better equipped to tackle new challenges.

Newsletter #72 - Gathering pace for ambitious new challenges.

In this first edition of 2020, the UT Austin Portugal Program newsletter highlights the 2019 Annual Report, where we uncover the cumulative work of the last 12 months. Take a look at our teaser video below! You can also read about our most recent news and events, including a brand new style of content - an exclusive vlog from a Portuguese researcher who spent the Fall of 2019 at TACC, within the scope of our Advanced Computing Training Program.

Newsletter #71 - Season's Greetings

It's the most wonderful time of the year. And what a year it has been! As we are about to bid farewell to another year, we can’t help but contemplate the last 12 months and realise what they meant for the UT Austin Portugal Program, what value we were able to create with the support of our ever-growing enthusiastic community and committed stakeholders.

Newsletter #70 - A New Season

And here we are. Without even noticing, the Fall semester has begun, Autumn has arrived and the UT Austin Portugal Program is in full speed, once again. In this latest edition, we want to share some exciting stories and moments from the last few months and tell you more of what is to come.

Newsletter #69 - Welcome, Summer!

In this edition, we want to have a look back at the last few months, share with you our latest success stories and unveil some exciting news. One of them being that UT Austin Professor Robert Peterson, after whom Portugal's first supercomputer 'Bob' was named, will be the keynote speaker at our Annual Conference! We would also like to remind you about our current open Call for Poster Proposals, now extended until July 29.

Newsletter #68 - Introducing our new website

The UT Austin Portugal Program has developed a new digital page, capable of housing the versatility of its strategic areas and instruments, as well as the ambitious agenda for the third phase of the Program. We believe in change and that change is a good thing. Celebrating over ten years of joint collaboration, the UT Austin Portugal Program is evolving and growing on new and exciting challenges and opportunities and we want that message to come across in our communication platforms.

Newsletter #67 - Strengthening Opportunities

As the year starts to unfold, the UT Austin Portugal Program is bringing the pieces together, setting in motion new opportunities, with an ongoing sense of collaboration between academia and industry and, a solid research agenda. In this edition, you will learn more about our recent call for Expressions of Interest, the ambitious goal of another Exploratory Research Project, our leadership's visit to UT Austin, and some of our industrial affiliates' activities.

Newsletter #66 - Entering 2019 'with an even bigger ambition'

'With the start of a new year, the biggest challenge in this new phase of the UT Austin Portugal Program is to grow on past experience. When assessing the Program’s impact on research in Portugal and in the US in the last 10 years, we find that the greatest impact was on people: students, faculty, company executives, among others.'

Newsletter #65 – Create Knowledge. Foster change.

Celebrating ten years of joint collaboration, The University of Texas at Austin and the Portuguese universities build on past experience to jointly develop a new research agenda in strategic areas of knowledge. Facing these new challenges, a new logo and motto have been developed, creating a brand-new identity capable of translating the specific strategy of the UT Austin Portugal Program.

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