Facts & Figures

CoLab UT Austin Portugal

Previous phases (2007-2016)

Participating Institutions

+50 Schools and other Institutions

13 Digital Media Industrial Affiliates


+72 Professors / Instructors

+35 PI Researchers

Advanced Education Programs

3 Doctoral Programs

Digital Media; Advanced Computing; Applied Mathematics

1 Master Program



+308 Total Students

148 Ph.D. students, 133+MsC students, and 10 post-docs

124 Scholarship grants

113 Ph.D. scholarship grants, 11 Post-doc scholarship grants

R&D Projects

123 Applications

Phase I (2007-2012): 46 applications; Phase II (2013-2017): 77 applications

Projects Funded

Phase I (2007-2012): 20 projects funded, total funding $1,4M; Phase II (2013-2017): 16 projects funded, total funding $650K

Complementary Fundings

$58K Private Funding

$4.5M External Funding

Funding complementary to FCT (US and EU sources of matching funds)

UTEN Portugal

Previous phases (2007-2012)

Building a country-wide network of technology transfer experts


Technology companies

20% increase in patents granted/year

26% increase in executed licenses/year; 137% increase in license income; 132% increase in new academic spinoffs

127% annual growth in revenue

37% growth in exporting technology; 38% annual growth in hiring

Previous phases (2012-2016)

Economic impact

Jobs created

$95M direct economic impact

$27M investment risk capital; $27M committed revenue; $27M strategic capital (trials); Product launches: US, India; SAARC countries, China

3 spin-out companies generated

67 qualified jobs created

Total economic impact

$130M total economic impact

Returned $40 for every $1 invested by FCT

Source: UTEN 2016 Activities Report (data from participant surveys and interviews)