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To promote a new research agenda through collaborative research projects, targeting important societal challenges, involving researchers at UT Austin and at Portuguese scientific institutions, in close association with other institutions, researchers and companies worldwide.

In the third phase, the Program will fund competitive calls, managed by FCT, for collaborative projects oriented towards key strategic areas, through Exploratory Research Projects, small exploratory projects to jumpstart high-impact potential research activities of strategic relevance for the Program, and through Strategic Research Projects, large scale, cross-cutting research projects, aiming to achieve greater social impact and economic relevance, attracting companies to the center of these new research agendas.

All scientific areas of the Program represented across the awarded PT-US consortia In 2019, Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) opened a competitive call to support exploratory research projects carried out by teams of researchers from the National Scientific...

Open Call for Exploratory Research Projects

Exploratory Research team expects to decrease the side effects of anticancer...

Call for R&TD Projects in Co-Promotion – International Partnerships

Last update: May 24, 2019 The UT Austin Portugal Program announces a Call for Co-Promotion R&TD Projects - International Partnerships, under Portugal2020. The Call intends to finance international Research...