Logo and Identity


In order to build a stronger brand, a new logo and visual identity were introduced in the end of 2018. To develop the identity of the UT Austin Portugal Program, two main concepts were used:

  • the metaphor concept of exploring new territory, through learning, researching and experiencing several areas and thus creating new paths;
  • the inspirational concept based on the square, as an analogy of the material and immaterial territory in its creative and innovative form.

The new logo is versatile in a variety of supports, capable of combining itself in order to produce new, expressive and dynamic ways. The logo has two institutional colors: orange and blue – the orange from the UT Austin University logo and the blue from the five corners of the Portuguese flag.

The UT Austin Portugal’s logo should be used in all initiatives, communications and/or projects developed in the frame of or funded through the Program.


Download the logo:

For any questions, please contact the Communication Team: communication@utaustinportugal.org