Program Areas

In its new phase, the UT Austin Portugal Program addresses a number of ground-breaking scientific areas where Portuguese researchers and industry professionals in Portugal deeply engage with their counterparts at UT Austin.

Its purpose is to foster knowledge in strategic themes worldwide including space and science technology, medical physics and nuclear medicine, nano-science and technologies, high performance computing and related themes of data analytics, visualization and artificial intelligence, while, simultaneously, engaging with technology companies and new entrepreneurial ventures.

The basis of this transatlantic initiative focuses on enabling technologies, fostering the creation of innovative products and systems through nanotechnologies and novel advanced materials which, together with emerging data science techniques, unleash the usability of the massive amounts of data we have access to today. 

Additionally, two big challenges will be tackled in medical physics, impacting on health and quality of life, and in space-earth interactions, in areas related to the new  Atlantic International Research (AIR) Center - space, sea, climate and energy - which will be looking at some of Portugal’s most valuable assets.