Call for R&TD Projects in Co-Promotion - International Partnerships

The UT Austin Portugal Program announces a Call for Co-Promotion R&TD Projects - International Partnerships (UT Austin Portugal Program, MIT Portugal Program, CMU Portugal Program), under Portugal2020.

Deadline: May 31, 2019

The Call intends to finance international Research and Technological Development consortia, led by Portuguese companies and involving non-corporate organizations of the National Research and Innovation System and research teams at the University of Texas at Austin.

Who should apply?

- Companies located in mainland Portugal
- Non-corporate organizations of the National Research and Innovation System

What projects are we looking for?

Up to 3-year innovative projects led by Portuguese companies, aligned with priorities of the National or Regional Research and Innovation Smart Specialization Strategy and contributing to major global challenges, namely those addressed by the Atlantic Interactions initiative, while improving companies’ competitiveness in international markets. 

Proposed projects must include industry-oriented research and experimental development activities, leading to new or improved market applications, i.e., products, processes or systems with international exploitation potential and cover, at least, one of the four Scientific Areas of the UT Austin Portugal Program (UTA PT Program).

- Space-Earth Interactions
- Medical Physics for Emerging Therapies
- Advanced Computing, Quantum Computing, Data Analysis and Visualization
- Nano Materials for New Markets

What are the key requirements for consortium composition?

Proposed projects must be carried out by an international consortium, led by a company located in mainland Portugal and involving, at least, two non-corporate organizations from the Research and Innovation System in Portugal and, at least, one Principal Investigator from UT Austin. 

Additionally, consortia must clearly demonstrate that the participation of corporate partners operating in phases of the value chain which are critical to accelerate and improve the market take-up of the developed technologies is ensured.

What is the indicative budget for the UTA PT Program in this Call?

5 million euros are available to fund the Portuguese partners in projects submitted under this Partnership. Indicatively, supported projects should not exceed 1,25 million euros (for the Portuguese partners). 

What are the funding rates?

Co-funding rates of eligible costs may vary according to the type and size of the beneficiary, the region where investments are made, the nature of undertaken activities (whether they are Research or Development activities), the strategy for dissemination of results or the degree of involvement of industry or academic partners. 

Companies may benefit from a maximum of 50% up to 85% co-funding, depending on certain criteria, and non-corporate organizations from the Portuguese Research and Innovation System from 100% funding.

How will projects be evaluated?

Projects will be evaluated on the basis of their merit, determined by the following rationale:

35% A + 20% B + 15% C + 30% D

A - Overall quality of the Project, B - Impact on the competitiveness of the leading company, C - Contribution to the economy and D - Contribution to regional convergence.

Applications must be submitted through the plataform Balcão 2020.

The Call is open from March 13 to May 31, 2019 (19:00 Lisbon time).

The information provided in this page does not replace the reading of the official announcement and related documentation published here

If you would like to get support from the Program to find potential partners for consortium building or have any inquiries of scientific nature related with project proposals to be submitted under this call, please contact us at