14 Exploratory Research Projects start their activity

Research teams from Portugal and UT Austin will be working together for the next 12 months in some of the strategic areas of the UT Austin Portugal Program.

Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) opened a call, in 2017, for the funding of Joint Research and Development Projects, in the scope of the UT Austin Portugal Program. In 2018, 14 exploratory projects were selected amoungamong 47 submitted proposals, for a total funding available of €1,400,000, for Portuguese research institutions.

The Exploratory Research Projects, are short-term, goal-oriented scientific projects, developing collaborative research work involving several institutions and targeting strategic areas of the program, including research activities of strategic relevance in relation to the Scientific Areas defined in the context of Atlantic International Research Center (AIR Center).

Each project involves at least two research teams from different research institutions in Portugal and a research team from The University of Texas at Austin.

Find out more about our Exploratory Projects here.