Call for E-Posters – 2023 Annual Conference

The UT Austin Portugal Program invites researchers and practitioners to submit proposals for posters to be displayed at its 2023 Annual Conference.


Selected e-posters across the scientific areas of the Program are expected to highlight novel, ongoing or concluded research work committed to advancing state-of-the-art knowledge and/or leading up to high-impact innovation. This means that authors are invited to showcase either more exploratory or closer-to-the-market research work developed in Portugal and at UT Austin (including TACC and MDACC), preferably under the Program or even in other ecosystems outside the Partnership’s geographic scope, provided that the posters deal with the Program’s current knowledge areas. Learn about the main topics of each knowledge area here.

Accepted e-posters will be exhibited on the day of the Conference, at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, in Braga.

They should be accompanied by an audio presentation. Although e-posters should be self-explaining, the audio, which should not exceed 5 minutes, is intended to allow authors to build on the poster’s visual narrative and reinforce or expand ideas highlighted therein in the form of texts, imagery and figures. On the day of the poster exhibition, attendees may listen to the poster audio by clicking on the QR code on the bottom right corner of the poster.

Authors will be asked to indicate their preferred mode of contact if Conference participants are interested in discussing the authors’ work during or after the Conference, in person or remotely.

Participating in this Call does not confirm your registration for the 2023 Annual Conference. Registrations for the Conference open September 4.

Key Dates:

Call for e–Poster Proposals: July 27 – September 20
Selection of e–Poster Proposals: September 21 – September 24
Notification to Proposers: September 26 – September 28
Deadline for submission of e-Posters’ final versions (ppt and pdf files with QR Code for audio recording): October 15
Opening of the E-Poster Exhibition at the Annual Conference: October 24

How to participate:

A maximum one-page abstract in a Word file (reference font size: Times New Roman; minimum font size: 11 points) should be sent to with the subject “Poster proposal – UTA PT Conference” and must necessarily include the following information in English:

  • Main author’s name, affiliation and a short bio;
  • Main author’s preferred mode of contact (to be publicly available);
  • Title of the e-poster;
  • Core Area (pick one of the Program’s five Knowledge Areas – Advanced Computing, Medical Physics, Nanotechnologies, Space-Earth Interactions and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship): Make sure to first read about each Area’s key topics – on our website, you’ll find information about the scope of each area. Proposals not related to the Program’s scientific areas will not be considered.
  • Summary of the research work to be addressed in the e-poster (only plain text with no images or graphics). The summary should be concise and give an overview of the main goals/focus of the research work and alignment with the Program’s research area. They must include at least: background information; expected  outcomes and results or outcomes and results to date; relevance to the state-of-art and/or societal relevance: measures to maximise the impact of research results
  • Other authors and their respective affiliations (if applicable).

Please note that at the proposal submission stage, applicants must not yet send any version of their posters.

Notification of participating authors:

The Program will review proposals after September 20, and authors will be notified about the outcome by e-mail between September 26 and September 28, 2023.

E-poster creation:

Selected authors must use the Program’s template for e-posters, which will be shared after the selection process results are announced.

E-posters must not exceed one page in portrait format. Authors should never forget that the purpose of the poster is not to simply stick every information used to create the poster summary but to give an overview of the research work using a balanced and effective combination of text, imagery and figures to capture viewers’ attention.

As for the audio recording, it should not be longer than 5 minutes. Authors should avoid reading the e-poster and instead create a script that helps viewers understand the big picture and gain insights into the presented research work. Therefore, posters and audio recordings should work as a single, integrated, full presentation. Therefore, we suggest you write a script of the content you’ll be presenting; find a location free of noise; get a good quality microphone, and maintain the same distance to the microphone throughout the recording.

All posters and audio must be in English.

Selected authors must send by e-mail no later than October 15 the final version of their digital posters (PPT and PDF files) for validation to Kindly note that files altogether should be smaller than 10MB in size.

The e-mail subject must be “Poster – UTA PT Conference – Proposal ID”, i.e., the ID provided by the Conference organisers to the author(s) upon reception of the proposal. Should the versions sent need to be fine-tuned, the Program will contact the respective authors to ensure that the posters on display meet the Conference’s Poster Exhibition standards.

VERY IMPORTANT:  E-Posters that do not comply with all the requirements (including the visual rules on the e-poster template) will not be accepted for display at the Conference.

Important Information for Authors of Research Work Related to UT Austin Portugal’s projects:

Research teams of UT Austin Portugal’s 2019 Strategic Research Projects (SRPs) and UT Austin’s 2021 Exploratory Research Projects (ERPs) are strongly encouraged to present their final work at the Conference. Nevertheless, they should not apply for this Call for Posters.

Their e-posters are automatically accepted for presentation at the Annual Conference.

Information for 2019 SRPs:

  • Since your project is over, we expect you to relate the project’s goals with its main findings/achievements, explain how they offer new insights into the state-of-the-art from a scientific standpoint and how they will benefit/impact the application market(s) the project addressed. You should also explain what the intended pathways to further explore the project’s outcomes are. Submitted proposals MUST be put forward by the transatlantic team to showcase the collaborative work’s added value.

Information for 2021 ERPs:

  • Since your project is over / very close to ending, we expect you to relate the project’s goals with its main findings/achievements and explain how they offer new insights into the state-of-the-art. We also encourage you to shed light on how you envisage further exploiting your current findings. Submitted proposals MUST be put forward by the transatlantic team to showcase the collaborative work’s added value.

Information for both:

  • Kindly note that we will not be accepting posters presented at previous Conferences – your poster should bring new information to our community and the Conference attendees.

Authors should inform the Program of their intention to have a poster at the event by September 20 and, like any other participating author, submit the final version, using the official template – to be shared by the Local Organizing Team in early September – no later than October 15.

VERY IMPORTANT: Authors must follow the guidelines for poster creation presented in the section “E-Poster Creation”.

How to reach us:

For more information and queries, please contact us at