Cooperation Profiles for Faculty Matchmaking

Within the scope of the Call for Exploratory Research Projects (ERPs), the UT Austin Portugal Program invited Principal Investigators (PIs) at UT Austin and in Portugal to create and submit cooperation profiles, thus facilitating submissions of applications and potential funding opportunities.

The Program was able to identify over 80 direct matches and recommend potential partners to team up with.

After the Call closed, and after a very positive feedback, the UT Austin Portugal Program has kept an online repository, as part of the Program’s ever-growing transatlantic community. Only authorized profiles will be featured in this page.

How to proceed:

If you wish to submit your profile and be part of this online community for future cooperations, please see the instructions below:

Submit your own cooperation profile via email to (e-mail subject must be “Cooperation Profile – [Name of Person/Institution] -”, using the following template (PDF).

Profiles must include:

a.  A short bio, highlighting his/her research work and interests (max. 150 words);
b. Up to 6 keywords describing the area(s) of expertise;
c. Expertise the person behind the profile is looking for from potential UT Austin or Portuguese partners (max. 100 words);
d. The PI’s contact details: First name and last name; affiliation institution; preferred mode of contact (in case you want to have your contact details published online);
e.  Picture (optional).

Alina Trifan

University of Aveiro

Areas of Interest: Text mining, social media, digital phenotyping, mental health, early prediction

Alcides Fonseca


Areas of Interest: Parallel Programming, Programming Languages, Machine Learning, Energy Optimization

Donglei (Emma) Fan

The University of Texas at Austin

Areas of Interest: Nanomanufacturing, 3D porous materials, micro/nanorobotics, biochemical sensing, self-powered sensors and flexible energy devices, graphene/graphite/nanowires.

Duarte Albuquerque

Instituto Superior Técnico

Areas of Interest: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Parallel Computing, Adaptive Unstructured Grids, High-Order Schemes, Immersed Boundary Methods, Coupled Problems with different Multiphysics

Emily Porter

The University of Texas at Austin

Areas of Interest: Electromagnetic Medical Technologies, Dielectric Properties of Tissues, Microwave Breast Imaging, Tissue-Mimicking Phantoms, Modelling and Prediction, Wearable Monitoring.

Enrique Carbo-Argibay

International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory

Areas of Interest: Electron Microscopy, Atomic Scale Characterization, Fuel Cells, Batteries, Catalysts, 2D Materials

Fábio Figueiras

Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto

Areas of Interest: Oxides, Ferroelectrics, Photovoltaics, Multiferroics, Thin Films, Scanning Force Microscopy

Filippo Mangolini

The University of Texas at Austin

Areas of Interest: Materials Science, surface and interface science, surface Engineering, Tribology, Corrosion, extreme environments

Francisco Fernandes


Areas of Interest: Bioinformatics; Computational Biology; Protein Docking; Protein Folding; Molecular Dynamics; Deep Learning

Francisco Martins

LASIGE & University of the Azores

Areas of Interest: Programming languages, IoT networks, concurrency, HPC.

Inês Domingues

IPO Porto Research Centre

Areas of Interest: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Biomedical Applications, Cancer

Jean Anne Incorvia

The University of Texas at Austin

Areas of Interest: Neuromorphic computing, spintronics, 2D materials, nanotechnology, magnetic devices, memory, in-memory computing, novel computing with emerging materials

Joana Dias

University of Coimbra

Areas of Interest: Medical Physics, Optimization, Radiotherapy planning, Multiobjective, Metaheuristics, Machine Learning 

João Encarnação

Center for Space Research, The University of Texas at Austin

Areas of Interest: Space Geodesy, Gravity Field, Mass Transport Processes, Space Systems Engineering, Signal Processing, Numerical Simulation.

José Almeida

University of Coimbra

Areas of Interest: Multipurpose Wave Energy Converters, Computational and Laboratorial Wave Propagation Modelling, Wave Structure Interaction.

Rui Maranhão Abreu

INESC-ID / IST, University of Lisbon

Areas of Interest: Software Engineering, Software Quality, Machine Learning, Security, Quantum Software Engineering

Vaibhav (VB) Bahadur

The University of Texas at Austin

Areas of Interest: Heat transfer, fluid mechanics, energy systems, surface science, materials, water production.