Cross Talks #1 – BigHPC: Managing and monitoring HPC and Big Data workloads

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Cross Talks is a podcast series by the UT Austin Portugal Program that will walk you through the wonders of science-business collaboration. Monthly, we will be exploring emerging topics in the areas of Advanced Computing, Medical Physics, Nanotechnologies and Space-Earth Interactions as we delve into the Program’s ground-breaking industry-driven research projects, selected through the 2019 Strategic Research Project Call.

In this first episode, the Program engages in a 30-minute conversation with Todd Evans (TACC, USA), João Paulo (INESC TEC/UMinho, Portugal) and Bruno Antunes (Wavecom, Portugal) about the pervasiveness of the advanced computing area, the High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructures, the next generation of HPC supercomputers and the challenges and game-changing nature of BigHPC, a UT Austin Portugal’s Strategic Research Project that cuts across all those topics.

Presented by Andreia Passos (UT Austin Portugal’s Executive Director – PT Office) and produced by Catarina Carvalho and Daniel Dantas (UT Austin Portugal’s Communication Team – PT Office).

Listen to the podcast below.

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