Cross Talks #10 – uPGRADE

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Cross Talks is a podcast series by the UT Austin Portugal Program that will walk you through the wonders of science-business collaboration. Monthly, we will be exploring emerging topics in the areas of Advanced Computing, Medical Physics, Nanotechnologies and Space-Earth Interactions as we delve into the Program’s ground-breaking industry-driven research projects, selected through the 2019 Strategic Research Project (SRP) Call.

In our tenth episode, we talked with Tiago Hormigo (Head of Space Business Development at Spin.Works S.A) and Chaoyang Zhang (Postdoctoral researcher at UT Austin) about their project upGRADE. Through this episode, you will learn how they are developing a satellite prototype the size of a shoe box that can evaluate sea level changes through gravity acceleration.

Presented by Adriana Costa and produced by Andreia Passos (UT Austin Portugal Executive Director) and Adriana Costa (UT Austin Portugal Communication Team – PT Office).

Listen to the podcast below.

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