Horizon Europe: exploring opportunities for the UT Austin Portugal community

One of the main objectives of the UT Austin Portugal Program is to support disruptive science-based ideas that create solutions to some of society’s main challenges. To this end, the Program relies on two funding instruments: one for exploratory research activities and another for closer-to-market research. In addition to its own funding schemes, the Program encourages projects bearing its seal to leverage other funding sources to keep progressing along the knowledge-to-innovation chain.

To prepare projects funded by the Program for such a possibility, the UT Austin Portugal Program, in collaboration with the Portuguese National Innovation Agency (ANI), organized an online Info Session for Principal Investigators of Exploratory and Strategic Research Projects about funding opportunities within Horizon Europe on September 21.

The session was led by João Ribau, ANI’s Horizon Europe National Representative and Contact Point. Since the UT Austin Portugal Program is a transatlantic partnership with The University of Texas at Austin, the Horizon Europe National Representative informed participants about how research teams from the United States could take advantage of collaborative opportunities available under this European Commission’s funding program.

During the presentation, João Ribau mentioned some of the European Strategies & Initiatives and how the European Innovation Council (EIC) can help bring new ideas to the market. “The EIC wants to finance disruptive technologies, radical solutions, advanced science that can potentiate new markets and solutions to society”, said the contact point.

Beyond the multiple funding instruments presented, João Ribau also advised on proposal submission and brought to participants’ attention some partner matchmaking and networking opportunities, especially regarding the ones within the three pillars of Horizon Europe: “Excellent Science”, “Global Challenges & European Industrial Competitiveness” and “Innovative Europe”.

Principal Investigators were also given a chance to meet up with João Ribau afterwards for tailored funding advice on their projects.