Jamie Warner

Short Bio

Dr. Jamie H. Warner joined the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin in January 2020 to lead the new Electron Microscopy Facility located in the Engineering Education and Research Center, Texas Materials Institute and the Cockrell School of Engineering. Prior to this he spent 13 years in the Department of Materials at the University of Oxford, where he held the position of Professor of Materials and led the Nanostructured Materials Group. His research focuses on the next generation of nanostructured materials with unique properties that will impact electronic, opto-electronic, and energy applications. The core foundation of his research is on the atomic level structure and dynamics of nanomaterials realized through state-of-the-art aberration-corrected transmission electron microscopy and spectroscopy. A wide range of nanoscale characterization tools (TEM, SEM, AFM, FIB) are also used to probe materials across all dimension scales. New types of nanoscale opto-electronic devices are produced in clean-room nanofabrication facilities, utilizing materials ranging from 2D Crystals (graphene, BN, MoS2, WS2 etc), 1D wires and nanotubes, to 0D quantum dots.

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More about the “Contributions of Nanotechnology to the Mission of UT AustiPortugal” Roundtable

Jamie Warner will participate in the “Contributions of Nanotechnology to the Mission of UT AustiPortugal ” Roundtable, joining Emanuel Tutuc, Lorena Diéguez, Paula Vilarinho and Paulo Ferreira.