CLOSED | GEMIS | Chemical Engineer / Materials Engineer / Chemist | Physicist (PhD)

Graphenest is hiring! Within the scope of UT Austin Portugal’s strategic research project GEMIS, the company is looking for someone to work full-time to develop activities in the scope of the commercialization of graphene and graphene-based materials (GBM).



  • Establishment of communication within Graphenest and other partners, in order to ensure that the developed graphene-based products have characteristics in accordance with the specifications;
  • Understanding and specifying material requirements to meet design and commercial needs;
  • Development of innovative material solutions, internally and with suppliers, to improve performance, reliability and cost;
  • Material characterization and analysis of data, including running trials in production environment;
  • Supporting the Graphenest production unit;
  • Management of projects.


  • Materials Engineering or Chemical Engineer or Chemist degree or Physicist degree (PhD mandatory);
  • Consolidated knowledge in graphene’s characterization techniques (Raman spectroscopy, scanning and transmission electronic microscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, among others);
  • Enthusiastic team player who transmits energy and enthusiasm;
  • Experience delivering to projects.

Differential Factor:

  • Confirmed knowledge on Business Development related to (innovative) materials;
  • Preference is given to residents in Aveiro’s district.


  • Advanced level in English, both in speech and in writing;
  • Team player that is able to guide and present opinions;
  • Enthusiastic and engaged, willing to go the extra mile;
  • Extremely good communication.

Applications must be submitted via email to:


About Graphenest:

Graphenest is a supplier of graphene and derived materials, characterized by its high quality and highly competitive price, tailored for different areas of application, under the brand “Graphenest Advanced Nanotechnology”. The company owns a production technology based on a cost-effective and environmentally friendly liquid-phase (high shear and ultrasonic) exfoliation process. It is an innovative process for producing high quality graphene, affordably and efficiently, and on a scale capable of meeting the potential market demand for the nanomaterial.