FCT’s International Partnership with €90K to fund research internships at UT Austin

Researchers, Master’s or PhD students can apply until June 5, 2023. 

The UT Austin Portugal Program will fund up to three-month internships in Advanced Computing, Medical Physics, Nanotechnologies and Space-Earth Interactions at the University of Texas at Austin (U.S.A.). The call for Expressions of Interest is open until June 5, and targets faculty, researchers, and Master’s and PhD students affiliated with universities or other R&D-performing organisations established in Portugal. Internships are due to start in mid-September and must be completed by December 31 2023.

Professors, researchers or Master’s and PhD students affiliated with Higher Education Institutions, R&D centres or companies established in Portugal can apply for internship positions, with a duration of two to three months, at the University of Texas at Austin (U.S.A.) under the UT Austin Portugal Program.

“This opportunity aims to provide researchers with the means to undertake research work at an institution with UT Austin’s prestige under the guidance of seasoned UT Austin faculty “, says Andreia Passos, Executive Director of the UT Austin Portugal Program in Portugal. Thanks to the Program, since the start of Phase 3 in 2018, 19 researchers from Portugal have already participated in similar mobility initiatives, and their feedback on the experience is highly positive.

Funded internships must cover topics in the major scientific areas of the Program, i.e., Nanotechnologies, Space-Earth Interactions, Advanced Computing and Medical Physics. Indicatively, ten positions are to be assigned, but others may be opened if the available funds are not exhausted by the first batch.

Internships may start anytime from September 15 onward and last until December 31, 2023, with a duration between two and three months. The selected candidates will conclude a contract that specifies, among other aspects, the components of the support provided during the exchange period, which includes a monthly stipend, health and personal accident insurance, as well as a single travel allowance, depending on the applicant’s academic degree.

“The UT Austin Portugal’s internships allow researchers to lay the groundwork for a collaborative experience that tends to last far beyond the internship period. For younger researchers, it can actually be a game-changing opportunity”, adds Andreia Passos.

Those interested can check the regulation available on the website.


About the UT Austin Portugal Program

The UT Austin Portugal Program is a partnership between the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and the University of Texas at Austin, under the Portuguese Government’s initiative GoPORTUGAL – Global Science and Technology Partnerships Portugal. Coordinated by INESC TEC since 2018, the Program aims to promote knowledge in emerging areas of Science and Technology, through support to research, advanced training, technology transfer and innovation.

Over the past 15 years, this partnership has contributed to the creation of a transatlantic innovation ecosystem, bringing together and promoting collaboration between universities, research institutes and companies from Portugal and the University of Texas, with a main emphasis on UT Austin.

Since its foundation in 2007, the Program has involved more than 50 institutions, more than 300 students and researchers, funded more than 70 projects along the value chain, supported the training of several technology transfer offices of academia in Portugal and the development, via international dissemination, of several scientific and technological companies – including unicorn companies like Feedzai or Sword Health.

The Program is currently in Phase 3 (2018-2023), promoting advanced training and R&D initiatives focused on four main scientific areas: Space-Earth Interaction, Advanced Computing, Medical Physics, and Nanotechnology – plus the cross-cutting area of Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which succeeds the UTEN network (University – Technology – Enterprise Network).

Since 2018, the Program has allocated close to €21.9M to exploratory and industrial research projects, on topics ranging from the development of new therapeutics for cancer, to the creation of nanomaterial-based coatings to increase the lifetime of production tools used in highly demanding industries, or the conversion of oil platforms into offshore wind power structures.



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