International partnership invests €90K to offer research internships at the University of Texas at Austin 

Researchers, master’s, or PhD students can apply until May 15. 

The UT Austin Portugal Program will provide research internships focusing on the areas of Advanced Computing, Nanotechnologies and Space-Earth Interactions at the University of Texas at Austin (United States of America). This year, for the first time, applications addressing R&D topics related to Clean Energy will also be valued, if they comply with at least one of said areas. Those selected will benefit from financial support, health insurance and, for the first time, accommodation provided by UT Austin. Applications are open until May 15 and internships are scheduled to start in September. 

Professors, researchers or master’s/PhD students affiliated with Higher Education Institutions, R&D centres or companies established in Portugal can apply for one of the 10 open internship positions – with a duration of two to four months, at the University of Texas at Austin (U.S.A.). 

For the third consecutive year, the UT Austin Portugal Program promotes the mobility of researchers from Portugal to the U.S.A., allowing them to experience high-level academia and scientific environments, promoting their participation in collaborative R&D activities, and establishing partnerships that go beyond the actual mobility.  

In addition to the mobility stipend and health insurance, admitted applicants will benefit from accommodation provided by UT Austin. According to Marco Bravo, Executive Director of the UT Austin Portugal Program at the North American university, this is a significant improvement in the support granted to the selected researchers. “The feedback from the previous internships has been excellent; at UT Austin, we seek to improve the participants’ experience, so we will ensure accommodation during their stay in Texas” – which significantly reduces the costs borne by the candidates. 

Andreia Passos, Executive Director of the UT Austin Portugal Program, assured that “the work that has been developed by the Program over the years has proved fundamental to promote the access of researchers and students of Portuguese institutions to scientific knowledge and R&D infrastructures that make UT one of the ten best North American public universities”. “These mobility initiatives pave the way for the establishment of collaborative relationships that last beyond the duration of the R&D internships, and that materialise in transatlantic projects focusing on strategic areas for Portugal”, she claimed. Andreia Passos also stated that there will be an online clarification session on this initiative on April 10, at 2:30PM. 

The internships will focus on the four major scientific areas of the Program, namely through four positions in Nanotechnologies, and two for each of the following areas: Space-Earth Interactions, Advanced Computing and Medical Physics. They are scheduled to start in September and will run until December 31, 2024, with a duration ranging from two to three months.  

Those interested can check the regulation available on the website. More information on the registration procedures is also available here 

Porto – March 26, 2024 

For further inquiries: 

Elsa Carvalho 

Communication UT Austin Portugal 

M +351 934 224 331