UT Austin Portugal Program and the University of Coimbra launch the second edition of advanced course on biomedical imaging

The registration is open until April 21

The advanced course on biomedical imaging, organised by the UT Austin Portugal Program and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra, returns for the second edition. The registration is open until April 21. Participants must have basic biomedical sciences knowledge and skills, and they will be awarded 10 ECTS credits from the University if they meet the final assessment criteria. The course will take place online.

The advanced course organised by the UT Austin Portugal Program and the University of Coimbra aims to provide an overview of the main imaging methodologies used in biomedicine and knowledge to understand biomedical imaging techniques, exploring their potential as a vital tool to study biological systems in research environments. The event will also focus on discussing the challenges of this sector in clinical environments. This year, the course will include a session on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science applied to biomedical imaging.

The course targets undergraduate or postgraduate students, healthcare professionals, biomedical engineers, physical engineers, physicists, researchers, physicians, nurses and medical imaging and radiotherapy technologists.

Scheduled to start on April 27, the course runs until June with sessions every Thursday and Friday. In total, 60 hours are divided into 12 sessions that include theoretical and practical content. The topics will be presented by renowned experts in Biomedical Imaging, and include Proton Therapy, Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance, US/Doppler, Nuclear Medicine, and Optics, as well as multimodality systems. The sessions will address the physical and instrumentation bases, complemented by their current applications, and expected future developments.

Andreia Passos, Executive Director of the UT Austin Portugal Program, stated that “the course presents several differentiating elements, which allow the exchange of outlooks between experts from Portugal, the University of Texas at Austin – which includes the prestigious MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Germany (German Cancer Research Center). She also mentioned that “the scientific coordination features the knowledge and experience of Maria Filomena Botelho, director of the Medical Physics area of the UT Austin Portugal Program and professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra”. According to Andreia Passos, the main goal is “to explore the contribution of experts to promote the discussion about recent advances in biomedical imaging, which can lead to the development of new interdisciplinary projects in that area”.

In addition, the course also awards 10 ECTS at the University of Coimbra, if the applicants comply with the attendance and evaluation requirements.

Maria Filomena Botelho believes that the success of the previous edition demonstrates the interest of the scientific and medical community in the advances witnessed in the field of Biomedical Imaging. The partnership with the UT Austin Portugal Program has been a remarkable asset in promoting new frontiers of knowledge, essentially through the involvement of top international experts who collaborate with the Program.

All those interested can register on the website.


About the UT Austin Portugal Program

The UT Austin Portugal Program is a partnership between the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and the University of Texas at Austin, within the scope of the initiative of the Portuguese Government GoPORTUGAL – Global Science and Technology Partnerships Portugal. Coordinated by INESC TEC since 2018, the Program aims to promote knowledge in emerging areas of Science and Technology, through support to research, advanced training, technology transfer and innovation.

Over the past 15 years, this partnership has contributed to the creation of a transatlantic innovation ecosystem, bringing together and promoting collaboration between universities, research institutes and companies from Portugal and the University of Texas, with a main emphasis on UT Austin.

Since its foundation in 2007, the Program has involved more than 50 institutions and 300 students and researchers, funded more than 70 projects along the value chain, supported the training of several technology transfer offices of academia in Portugal and the development, via international dissemination, of several scientific and technological companies including unicorns like Feedzai or Sword Health.

The Program is currently in Phase 3 (2018-2023), promoting advanced training and R&D initiatives focused on four main scientific areas: Space-Earth Interaction, Advanced Computing, Medical Physics, and Nanotechnology – plus the cross-cutting area of Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which succeeds the UTEN network (University – Technology – Enterprise Network).

Since 2018, the Program has funded close to €21.9M in exploratory and industrial research projects, on topics ranging from the development of new therapeutics for cancer, to the creation of nanomaterial-based coatings to increase the lifetime of production tools used in highly demanding industries, or the conversion of oil platforms into offshore wind power generation structures.

Porto – March 28, 2023


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