Donglei (Emma) Fan

    The University of Texas at Austin

    Areas of Interest: Nanomanufacturing, 3D porous materials, micro/nanorobotics, biochemical sensing, self-powered sensors and flexible energy devices, graphene/graphite/nanowires.

    NameDonglei (Emma) Fan
    RoleAssociate Professor
    InstitutionThe University of Texas at AustinĀ
    Key Words / Areas of InterestNanomanufacturing, 3D porous materials, micro/nanorobotics, biochemical sensing, self-powered sensors and flexible energy devices, graphene/graphite/nanowires
    Expertise SoughtWe are interested in collaboration in a variety of areas depending on specific projects. We are particularly interested in partnering with colleagues who are skillful in computer simulation, device packaging, commercialization, or having expertise in specific types of devices.



    Dr. Donglei “Emma” Fan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Graduate Advisor of the Materials Science and Engineering Program at The University of Texas at Austin. Among various honors and awards, Prof. Fan received the National Science Foundation CAREER award in 2012 and holds the Robert & Jane Mitchell Endowed Faculty Fellowship in Engineering since 2017. Prof. Fan’s research program focuses on exploring fundamental physics, chemistry, and materials science, and investigating innovative manufacturing/assembly approaches to bridge the fabrication of nanomaterials with their applications in nanorobotics, self-powered flexible devices, and high-performance biochemical sensing. Her research has spurred a series of publications on leading journals, including Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Communications, Science Advances, the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, Physical Review Letters, Advanced Materials, and ACS Nano. She also received five granted patents and has a few pending patents. Dr. Fan’s research has been widely reported by international news agencies, such as BBC, Forbes, Nano Today, IEEE Spectrum, and PBS TV station. Dr. Fan’s lab has the following active research topics: (1) Innovative design and manufacturing concepts of 3-D nanoporous composite superstructures for water treatment, flexible energy storage, and self-powered devices (2) Bottom-up assembling of active nanomaterials and NEMS devices, including nanorobots, nanomotors, and nanoresonators (3) High-performance biochemical sensing, controlled molecule release, single-molecule detection, surface enhanced Raman scattering (3) Development of new tools for assembling, manipulation, and actuation of nanoparticles as building blocks of biomedical devices and electronics.