Fábio Figueiras

    Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto

    Areas of Interest: Oxides, Ferroelectrics, Photovoltaics, Multiferroics, Thin Films, Scanning Force Microscopy

    NameFábio Figueiras
    InstitutionIFIMUP, Dep. Physics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto, Portugal
    Key Words / Areas of InterestOxides, Ferroelectrics, Photovoltaics, Multiferroics, Thin Films, Scanning Force Microscopy
    Expertise SoughtThe R&D+I project proposal to be presented intends to address all the necessary steps to pioneer a new type of photovoltaic (PV) solar cells. The main objective is to design and explore a new series of ferroelectric double perovskite oxide compounds similar to Bi2ZnTiO6 in the thin film form, aiming to uphold the relevant optoelectronic properties and appropriate interfaces which enhance PV power conversion efficiency [DOI: 10.1039/c8ta09425j]. Subsequent objectives that require partners expertise will account for the optimization of pre-prototypes’ architecture, electrodes interfaces and characterization of PV efficiency.


    Researcher in Physics: Science, engineering and Nanotechnology of Advanced Multifunctional Materials. PhD in Physics; author of over 30 publications; participation in more than 20 international conferences, above 20 academic specialization courses and at least 10 IDN (Portuguese National Institute of Defense) civil protection and military courses. Collaboration and integration in multidisciplinary teams working in R&D+I projects of scientific and technological base. Training, consulting, innovation and operation of state-of-art materials synthesis and characterization techniques. Expertise in multiferroic oxides, thin film deposition, nano powders, electric and magnetic characterization, atomic force microscopy, high resolution X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy.