Hugh Daigle

    The University of Texas at Austin

    Areas of Interest: Nanotechnology, Rheology, Foams, Porous Media, Energy

    Name Hugh Daigle
    Role Associate Professor
    Institution The University of Texas at Austin 
    Keywords / Areas of Interest Nanotechnology, Rheology, Foams, Porous Media, Energy
    Expertise Sought I would like to gain a better understanding of how catalysis, in particular photocatalysis, might operate in a foam, and how to control the rheological properties of catalytic foams. To this end, I am looking for Portuguese partners with expertise in catalysis/photocatalysis, single-site surface modification, molecular dynamics simulation, or fluid mechanics simulation.



    I have worked at UT Austin in the Hildebrand Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering since January 2013. I hold a BA from Harvard University in Earth and Planetary Sciences and a PhD from Rice University in Earth Science. My research is primarily laboratory-focused and aimed at understanding fundamental processes. My nanotechnology research focuses on foams and emulsions stabilized with nanoparticles and other complex nanofluids, including rheology and flow through porous media. This includes making chemical modification to nanoparticle surfaces to give desired behavior, and designing new nanocomposite applications to impart different properties to emulsions and foams. I am interested in various applications including lightweight materials, catalysis, water purification, and energy harvesting.