Luísa Bastos

Area Director of Space-Earth Interaction in Portugal


With a degree in Surveying Engineering, Luísa Bastos had her Ph.D. in Surveying Engineering from the Faculty of Sciences of University of Porto, where she is currently a Principal Investigator. Since 1977, she is the Director of Prof. Manuel de Barros Astronomical Observatory, where she leaded the recovery of the largest telescope in Portugal.

She was elected as President of the IAG Special Commission 6 (Project WEGENER -Working Group of European Geoscientists for the Establishment of Networks for Earth-science Research) from 2000 to 2004.

From 2010 to 2015, Luísa Bastos was nominated for the “Mission Evolution Advisory Group”, an EU group of experts to advise the European Commission on the European Satellite Navigation System. Working in Satellite Positioning and Navigation for more than 25 years, she is now Head of the Ocean Dynamics, Coastal and Water Systems group at the Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research (CIIMAR), where she had been member of the Board.

Between 2003 and 2015 she acted as member of the Board of the UP Institute for Common Resources (IRIC) and the Marine Research and Innovation Center (OCEANUS), and also as Vice-President of the Department of Geosciences, Environment and Spatial Planning (DGAOT) of the FCUP.