Luís Pessoa


    Areas of Interest: Optical communications, Underwater radio/optical communications, microwave/Sub-THz antennas and antenna arrays, 3D electromagnetic simulation

    Name Luís Pessoa
    Role Senior Researcher / Area Leader
    Institution INESC TEC
    Keywords / Areas of Interest Optical communications; Underwater radio/optical communications; microwave/Sub-THz antennas and antenna arrays; 3D electromagnetic simulation
    Expertise Sought We can contribute to a project requiring any of the following competences:

    • Modelling/simulation and experimental characterisation of microwave devices and antennas and beamforming arrays (up to sub-THz frequencies);
    • Optical communications components modelling, design, and nonlinearity mitigation (lasers, modulators, receivers, optical/wireless interfaces, Photonic Integrated Circuit design, optical fibre propagation, underwater propagation, modulation formats);
    • Hardware for advanced computing based on neuromorphic architectures and low-power high resolution A/D conversion;
    • Novel solutions for transparent acceleration of algorithms with run-time support and efficient processing of long short-term memory in embedded reconfigurable systems.



    Luís Pessoa received the PhD degree in 2011, in Electrical and Computers Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. Currently he is Senior Researcher and Manager of the Optical and Electronic Technologies (OET) group from the Centre of Telecommunications and Multimedia at INESC TEC. He has been involved in teaching of RF/microwave engineering, electromagnetic waves and optical communications as an invited assistant professor at University of Porto. He has authored/co-authored 60+ publications in international conferences and journals with peer-review (including 10 journal papers and 4 book chapters) and 2 patents. He has coordinated several national and international research projects. His main research interests include coherent optical systems, radio-over-fibre, RF/microwave devices and antennas, underwater radio/optical communications.