Sheila Habib

International Relations Officer in Portugal




Sheila Góis Habib supports the development of the International Cooperation Area in the International Relations Service at INESC TEC. She holds a Master’s degree in Human Rights with International Law from the Brussels School of International Studies (2019) and a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Lancaster University (2017). Before joining INESC TEC, she worked at the Consulate General of Portugal in Luanda, the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom in Geneva, and the Red Cross European Union office in Brussels. Throughout this professional path, she performed tasks such as consular service, advocacy and lobbying work, research and analysis on European Union migrations laws and policy, and production and review of content for websites and social media platforms. In the academic field, she has researched a variety of topics including Islamophobic online hate speech, the UN1267 terrorism listing regime, and the right for individuals to wear forms of religious dress that they deem appropriate, or as required by their religious belief. As a feminist, she identifies herself with the intersectional strand whose aim is to advocate for gender equity. In this context, she is a member of the Youth Group Promoting Equality and Health of the Plano i Association and aids in the production of the Magazine insubmissa. Sheila has many interests that range from psychology to coding and is also a volunteer in the Academia project, where she tutors migrant students to help them improve their Portuguese language skills.