Susana Barbosa


    Areas of Interest: Climate, radioactivity, data-fusion, ocean, atmosphere, earth observation

    Name Susana Barbosa
    Role Senior researcher
    Institution INESC TEC
    Keywords / Areas of Interest Climate, radioactivity, data-fusion, ocean, atmosphere, earth observation
    Expertise Sought – Earth observation (particularly soil water content )
    – Atmospheric science (aerosols, trace gases)
    – Coastal oceanography / marine geology / hydrogeology (land-water interface)



    Susana Barbosa received a Ph.D. in Surveying Engineering from Porto University in 2006. She is currently a senior researcher at INESC TEC working at the interface of data science, climate, and robotics. Her research interests focus on the use of environmental radioactivity for tracing dynamic processes in the Earth’s system and on the fusion of heterogeneous data (from in-situ, satellite, and robotic platforms). She is the PI of the GRM (Gamma Radiation Monitoring) campaign at the ENA facility in the Graciosa (Azores) addressing atmospheric radioactivity as a proxy of surface-atmosphere interactions, including the interplay of atmospheric scavenging, aerosols, ions, and soil moisture. She is particularly keen on marine applications of environmental radioactivity, including the assessment of submarine groundwater discharge in coastal areas, the identification of offshore freshwater, and the use of underwater radioactivity for monitoring seepage, fluid migration and gas fluxes (CO2, CH4,…) at the seabed.