Research and Technology Commercialization

Interdisciplinary research,
education and capacity building

CoLab research meets technology commercialization
Research Meeting CoLab fosters innovation and entrepreneurship through large-scale collaborative research projects that link university and industry efforts. These test-bed projects seek solutions to meet current societal needs. The most promising results will be eligible for business incubation through the University Technology Enterprise Network (UTEN), focused to create jobs and wealth. 
The value of international partnerships
The UT Austin|Portugal CoLab is one of several international partnerships funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). FCT’s International Partnerships Program provides for similar agreements with the Fraunhofer Society, Carnegie Mellon University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.i CoLab’s autonomy lends stability and momentum, while working among this larger partner base increases scope and capacity for activities and events.
CoLab programs also incorporate other international partnerships to help enrich networking opportunities and program results. For example, CoLab’s Advanced Computing Program provides two annual workshops in Portugal with the following institutions:
·       University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Professors David Padua and Wen-Mei Hwu)
·       Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago, Illinois (Dr. Marc Snir)
·       Sungard (Dr. Indu Kodukula, CTO)
·       NVIDIA (Dr. Michael Garland)
·       IBM (Dr. Pratap Pattnaik)
·       University of Padova, Italy (Professor Gianfranco Bilardi)
This cross-cultural research model provides potential that is unthinkable in a homogeneous context, as each researcher brings a unique skillset and personal worldview to work with others toward a common goal with common resources. As these diverse international groups work toward collaborative investigation, new ways of thinking emerge, and solutions often precipitate in new and exciting ways. This is particularly valuable for students and young investigators, as they form these relationships and new thought patterns early in their careers.
Four Academic Disciplines toward One Market Focus:  Digital Media
Innovation most often occurs at the peripheries where disciplines meet. Thus (in the same way that internationality increases creative potential in research), a diversity of disciplines aimed toward one focus increases the potential for technological innovation.  Since its inception CoLab has targeted Digital Media as a pivotal technological goal, supported by the academic disciplines of Digital Media, Mathematics, and Advanced Computing. This approach has been chosen to provide a sustainable foundational base for the development of “all things digital” so that Portugal may intercept the forward players in today’s global technology innovation field.
This year’s addition of the discipline of Nanotechnology widens the scope of this focus on Digital Media, and opens new thoroughfares for information and idea sharing that will enrich the CoLab scientific community as a whole.
i. Among this prestigious group, the UT Austin|Portugal CoLab has been noted as exceptional by external review.