Sessions | UT Austin Portugal Program in Nanotechnologies: The New Decade

January 8-11, 2019

Area directors in Nanotechnologies, Brian Korgel and Paulo Ferreira, discuss one of UT Austin Portugal Program’s strategic area in a series of open sessions, with the participation of Luisa Gil Fandino, Associate Professor of Instruction at the Division of Textiles and Apparel at the University of Texas at Austin.

No registration is required. All sesions are open but limited to the number of seats avaialble. 


- UT Austin Portugal leadership in Portugal- A summary and overview by Paulo Ferreira (15min)
- UT Austin Portugal leadership in Austin - A Summary, by Brian Korgel (15min)
- Presentation on Nanomaterials chemistry research, by Brian Korgel (15min)
- Functional textiles research highlights at UT Austin, by Luisa Gil Fandino (UT Professor) (15min)
- Q&A


Date: January 8
Location: IST, Brito Camanho Meeting Room (Central Pavilion), Lisbon
Time 3PM

Date: January 9
Location: CENTI, Vila Nova de Famalicão
Time 10:30AM
(Including an overview presentation of CENTI, by Carla Silva (Area Director) and António Braz Costa (CEO at CENTI))

Date: January 10
Location: INL, Main Auditorium, Braga 
Time: 2:30PM
Date: January 11
Location: FCUP, Room A2, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Porto
Time: 10AM
Date: January 11
Location: University of Aveiro, Senate Room, Aveiro
Time: 2:30PM